We take ‘Drama’; add some ‘Fun’ and a whole lot of ‘Creativity’, to deliver Awesomeness!

We specialise in providing communication design material for Literature, Books, Plays and the Arts, and also cater to clients in the Financial Services, Technology and Home Care. Our style is to visualise the client’s story with unique insights and great craft. Our clients receive our undivided attention so that their plays/events/ products are well researched. But all of it is not so boring! We draw on the magic of innovation and imagination to attract our target audience; be it in theatre or financial management.

While working with us, you can be assured to achieve the required results through an enjoyable process.

Gitanjali Chaturbhuj Kalro

Gitanjali is the founder proprietor of Gitanjali Creative. She has been working in the industry since 2009 as; a Freelancer first and then as a full-time employee for QTP Entertainment PVT. LTD. During her years as a freelancer, she worked with various clients creating logos and brochure designs. At QTP, she conceptualised and created publicity design materials for literature and theatre festivals, plays, high-end corporate events and celebratory events.

She and her team currently handle social media for Rage Productions, and Arpit Singh (A Kalaripayattu trainer), along with creating work for individuals in performing arts.


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