Ethos Wealth Management

Ethos Wealth Management Company came to us with the brief of using the sun as the symbol of the companies name ‘Ethos’. The ‘sun’ here is created using concentric circles; the shape of coins, to create mathematical roulette curves. This idea was inspired from the toy the ‘spirograph’. The resultant shape was one the evoked the power of the sun’s raise. While we tried many shades of orange and yellow against dark backgrounds it is the ink blue that stood out the most.

Ethos’ strong square logo can work against any background and on any medium. The obvious idea for the visiting cards would be to go with a square card but to hold all the information on one side and make sure it was a good size while handing it out, we went with the regular retangle format.

The envelopes, PowerPoint slides and posters all continue with the crisp & clear tone of voice of the brand while constantly evoking energy.


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