Henrietta Lacks was treated for cancer, and her cells were used for the research changing HeLa line of immortal cell lines. Her cells were used to develop the polio vaccine and cancer drugs. Adura Onashile, who plays the roles of Henrietta, her daughter, a medical assistant and a researcher, performs this story of Henrietta Lacks.

The Idea for the poster was to use a design element like the hexagon (shape used for skeleton formulas), which would immediately speak ‘science’ to the viewer, since it is rare to have shows on the subject. The hexagone was futher used to show the different character Adura Onashile takes on during the show. The colours; red and teal, make help make the design language serious, cold and yet approachable for an urban India audience.

Created while working at QTP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


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Satnaam Shri Waheguru